How Fast Does a Treadmill Go?

It is always exciting to run on a fast treadmill because nature always wants more speed but when we talk about how fast does a treadmill go so there is no specific speed number because all treadmill has their own uniqueness and function.

How Fast Does a Treadmill Go

Still, I've made a list and divided the treadmill speed into 3 categories that will help you understand much better but what are those three categories? well, these are home treadmills, commercial treadmills and curved/manual treadmills.

How Fast Home Treadmill Go?

Home treadmills are basically designed to use at home that is why you get sufficient function to do workouts. Home treadmills are smaller and only made for family purposes. This type of treadmill usually has a 10 to 12 mph motor speed and their cost is around $500 to $3000.

How Fast Commercial Treadmill Go?

Commercial treadmills are very expensive and big. You only see this type of treadmill in gym centres because they buy a heavy treadmill that goes longer. Most runners and sportspeople prefer this type of treadmill because they have a 12 to 15 mph motor speed which is very fast.

So If you are opening a gym so this type of treadmill can be best for your gym due to having heavy frames and materials and they are very expensive as well.

How Fast Curved/Manual Treadmill Go?

Talking about curved or manual treadmill so first both are almost the same and there is no big difference between both of them. Moreover, This type of treadmill is a bit old fashion but very easy to use. You don't get motor in a manual treadmill. 

The belt is powered by the runner, not the motor. As faster as you can run on this treadmill, the speed will increase according to your running speed but If you give a number then the curved treadmill goes up to 15 to 24 mph. You can buy this type of treadmill for under $100 to $1000.

Final Words:

I hope you like this post where I have let you know how fast does a treadmill go. I have tried to explain everything in a very simple way so you can understand easily but still If you have questions regarding this post so feel free to drop a comment below.

Running fast can be a bit dangerous for your body which is why use the speed that you can handle otherwise please do not speed up in jest. With this note, Thank you so much for reading.

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