What Do Waist Trainers Do?

Are you looking to have the coveted hourglass figure? Then waist training might be for you.

Waist training is the process of shrinking your waist by wearing a high compression shaping garment called a waist trainer, around your midsection. This is actually not something new, since more than a hundred years ago, women used to wear corsets under their dresses to make their waistlines look smaller.

A waist trainer, also known as a cincher, is like a modified version of a corset and is usually made of synthetic material such as nylon, latex and spandex, with some plastic or steel boning to help retain its shape. The trainer is then fastened using hook and eye closures in the front or sticky fasteners.

Waist trainers offer a lot of benefits, from flattering your tummy to improving your posture. But, how do they really work?

How Waist Trainers Work?

1. Hourglass FIgure

Who doesn't want a figure like Beyonce or Kim Kardashian? A well-defined waist with killer curves? count me in!

What a waist trainer does is make your waist smaller while accentuating your curves. 

And the best part, the results are instant. The moment you put on the trainer, you will notice that your waist slims by as much as 2 to 3 inches. How great is that?

However, if you want to keep that gorgeous shape intact, you'll need to keep training for at least eight to ten hours every day. Which, if you ask me, is a small price to pay for the body of a goddess.

2. Weight Loss

Having problems losing the extra pounds? Worry no more because, once you put on a waist trainer, you automatically lose 1 to 3 pounds in an hour.

That's right! The thing is waist trainers are specially designed in a way that stimulates heat in your core, which makes you sweat more around your midsection. In doing so, you shed water weight extremely fast.

Now, combine that with regular exercise and a good diet and you will be burning fat faster than you can imagine. Waist trainers help to boost the intensity of th your workouts without requiring any extra effort on your part.

And to add to that, since waist trainers compress the stomach, you'll find that you're not able to eat a lot and so you start losing weight.

3. Good posture

The other way in which waist trainers work is by helping you with your posture. As your waist and tummy are cinched in, your posture is also corrected as the waist trainer keeps your midsection tight and inline.

Since they often have metal bones within them, they reduce the instances of bending your back while relieving pressure on your spine.

And what's more, most waist trainers also have a high back section which means that they keep your shoulders at an upright position while keeping your back straight.

And with time, your bones and joints get accustomed to this position so even after you remove the waist trainer, your body will have adjusted to this new, healthy posture.

4. Postpartum Support

If you're looking for a fast and effective way to get your sexy back after just having a baby, then waist trainers can do for you.

Wearing a waist trainer will provide support for your abdominal muscles which have been stretched and thinned following pregnancy. This extra support will help reduce pain and discomfort and help you get back in shape sooner.

And it doesn't really matter the type of delivery that you had. In fact, a study by the International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics showed that women who wore waist trainers after a C-section experienced less pain and bleeding than those who didn't wear them.

Tips For Getting Started With Waist Trainers

Now, wearing a waist trainer for the first time can feel really uncomfortable because of the amount of compression it puts around your midsection. In fact, you might even not be able to wear it for more than an hour at a time. And that's normal. With time, you'll definitely get used to it and maybe even love it.

However, keep in mind that a waist trainer should not be as tight as to restrict your breathing or circulation. If it does, take it off immediately as it won't work correctly since it doesn't fit.

With that said, here are tips to get you started in your waist training journey.

  • Use the correct size of a waist trainer - Waist trainers come in different shapes and sizes using the right size will bring you a step closer to achieving your goals. A waist trainer that doesn't fit will not be comfortable or effective. To get the right waist trainer size, subtract three to four inches from your waist measurement, e.g. if your waist measurement is 32, consider getting a size, 28 waist trainer.
  • Stay hydrated - Since you will be sweating a lot when you wear a waist trainer, it is important to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water. You should also hydrate your skin regularly with a high-quality lotion to prevent it from drying out or becoming irritated.
  • Once you've worked up to it, wear your waist trainer 8-10 hours a day. Since there are so many different styles to choose from, you can select your clincher based on what you're doing, whether you're working out, going out, or staying in.
  • Eat small nutritious meals throughout the day. When eating with a waist trainer, you'll find that you feel fuller faster, which is why it is important to ensure your meals are packed with all the nutrients you need.

Take Away

There's a reason why waist trainers have become so popular. And that is because they work. A waist trainer can get you looking like a celebrity within no time. You only have to find the right size for you and be consistent in your training. We hope you find this article helpful, we shared the benefits of waist trainers and some tips on how to get starting with waist training. If this article was useful then share it with your friend's circle so they can also get to know about how waist trainers work.

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