Bowflex XTL Review 2021: DON'T Buy Without Reading This!

Bowflex XTL - Do you want to buy the Bowflex XTL to give a fantastic shape to your body? If yes so here I am going to break down all the points related to Bowflex XTL which you need to consider before buying this machine.

The Bowflex has everything that helps you to do your upper and body workout. It provides 310 pounds resistance but if you are serious about your body and want to push yourself so it can be customized upward 410 pounds.

Bowflex XTL - Worth It or Not?

If you want to target the exact muscle group in your body to give the right shape then a Bowflex XTL works very effectively. It makes the muscle targeting very easy on your exercise whether you are focusing on your arms, shoulders, or core. For guiding purposes, the company provides you an instruction manual that will help you to use it correctly.

After buying this machine, you do not need to pay for the gym. It allows you to achieve your fitness aim. You can easily do cardio into your regimen with the help of a rowing machine. Moreover, the T-bar increases the intensity of your row to do more harder exercises.

Advantages of Buying a Bowflex XTL

There are some advantages of buying a Bowflex XTL for home use.

1. Safety - You can lift so much weight with 310 pounds resistance and the pully system allows you to be calm down from the worried thoughts about hurting joints. Enjoy the exercise without getting worried about safety.

2. Guidance - The company provides you a user manual where they guide you with the help of drawings and pictures that makes it easy to understand and you are not going to feel any complications.

3. Cardio purpose - It comes with a rowing station that lets you do warm-up and/or cool-down.

Disadvantages of buying a Bowflex XTL

1. No Compact Design - If you need something in a compact design so it is not a good choice because a Bowflex XTR comes in very large size and it has an attachment that covers a large space of your room so before buying it, measure your area and make sure that it should fit in that area otherwise do not buy.

2. No Modern Design - If you looking for something modern so I let you know that XTL has updated so many functions over the years but still It is not so quite modern

Bowflex XTL pros & cons

  • Ankle cuffs and hand grips
  • Angled bar and lateral tower
  • T-bar
  • Leg-press
  • Leg curl attachments
  • 7 years warranty
  • Large footprint
  • No modern design

Which body parts does Bowflex XTL target?

Legs: The machine comes with leg extension, leg press, and leg curl attachments that allow you to do leg muscle exercise.

Back: A seated cable lower back extension is very helpful to do back muscle workouts to reduces your back pain.

Chest: With the help of resisted punch, you get a better workout on pectoral muscles and the muscles surrounding your chest. It enhances your chest muscles as well which gives a good shape to your chest.

Arms: The Bowflex allows you to do multiple arms muscle exercises and the company provides you reverse cable grip pulldown for arms workouts.

Shoulders - With the help of a seated cable, you can easily do exercise of your upper trapezius as well as the triceps.

Is It easy to use?

With the help of easy functions, you can easily use this Bowflex XTL machine. If you do one by one exercise with the right guidance then you are not going to face any problem but in case, if you need help in the process then you can consider your husband, wife, brother, roommate, or anybody.

Why should you buy a Bowflex XTL?

Affordable - I know, this XTL looks a bit old model but it has all the features which are required in an XTL machine. The company provides you this Bowflex XTL at the very cheapest price from the market.

Transportation - The company has built it with a transportation wheel that allows you to move this XTL easily without any hassle.

Why should not you buy Bowflex XTL?

If you are shorter then it can bit difficult for you to use because this machine is very large it is very tough to reach the pulleys while workouts for some users who are under 5'4'. 

Final Words:

This Bowflex XTL does not have an attractive design and does not looks model but the fantastic function helps you to do all the exercises whichever you want like chest workout, leg workout, etc.

It is very easy to use and the company has added everything in the user manual which will help you to use it in the right way. Now I think I have shared all the details about this product but still I forgot something then feel free to type in a comment.
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