7 Best Paper Shredder Under $100 (March Updated) 2024

Best Paper Shredder Under $100 - Are you looking for the best paper shredder under your budget? If yes so you are at the right place because here I have shared the best paper shredder under $100 that will help you to shred your documents and papers. 

In our daily life, we have to dispose of many documents and paper, and the reason can be anything but If you are worried about disposing of your personal documents so stay tuned with me till the end because in this article, I have shared a detailed explanation to dispose of the documents by the shredder and I also shared the best paper shredder that will help you to do it easily. 

Best Paper Shredder Under $100

Best Paper Shredder Under $100

There are many cheap shredders in the market, but It is quite challenging for a normal guy to find the best paper shredder under his budget, but here you do not need to bother because here you will only get the best paper shredder under $100 reviews so without wasting more time, let's dive into the best paper shredder for home use or office. 

1) Amazon Basics 12-Sheet Shredder

Best Paper Shredder Under $100

This Amazon Basic comes with a 12-sheet capacity to destroy all credit cards, CDs, and DVDs and papers. Many people do not need credit cards and old CDs and DVDs so this is the best shredder to destroy all these items. 

Thermal protection is there with auto shut off. If your work has been completed and forgot to shut off then you do not need to bother, this paper shredder automatically will shut off. 

Talking about the design, It has a very stunning design that gives a nice impact on others. 

Amazon Basic paper shredder has Measures 24.29 by 17.01 by 13.39 inches, a 6.7-gallon pullout bin, a 9.1-inch-wide paper feed, and a 1-year warranty.

It is very fast for destroying the items. This shredder offering 6 feet per minute speed. 

2) Bonsaii DocShred C156

cheap Paper Shredder Under $100

Next, we have the Bonsaii DocShred C156 paper shredder in our best paper shredder under the $100 list. I like the design of this shredder. Every edge is well designed and it is very quick to destroy papers, CDs, DVDs, and credit cards. 

It is a cross-cut paper shredder with 12 sheet shredding capacity. I like the cross-cut shredder because the cross-cut destroys the paper very nicely.

It is very usual to jam the paper while destroying because this is also a machine which shreds many papers, credit card, CD/DVD, clips and staples so if it gets jam then auto start and the manual reverse can help you to clear the jam. 

3) Amazon Basics 8-Sheet Shredder

Amazon Basics 8-Sheet paper Shredder

Once again we have the Amazon Basic brand but this time this is Amazon Basic 8 sheet shredder which is the most selling product and people love this product so much. 

This shredder measures 3/16 by 1-27/32 inches and the great Sheet capacity shreds up to 8 sheets of 20-pound bond paper at a time.

If this cheap paper shredder will run continuously longer than the time, It will automatically shut off which is actually a great aspect of this product because every machine has a duration of running. 

In case, you face the paper jam problem so it has three modes of the switch (auto, off, reverse) which will help you to release the paper while destroying it. 

4) Fellowes Powershred W11C

best paper shredder

Fellowes is another great brand that provides fantastic quality products to its buyer. With the help of Safety Lock, you can save your pets and children from using it. 

It offers a cross-cut level to cut the shreds staples, credit cards, and paper nicely. 

Fellowes is the best paper shredder for home use as well in the terms of safety protection. 

Please gives some time to cool down this shredder for use continuously and you can solve the paper jam issue in reverse mode. 

5) Royal 112MX 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder

best paper shredder for home use

Royal 112MX is a popular brand in this industry. It looks very nice and professional. If you are an advocate or you have an office that is quite professional then you can go with this paper shredder that shreds around 12 sheets in a single pass.

You can clearly see the destroyed items in the slide-out 3.25-gallon wastebasket. This basket can hold at least 220 sheets of shredded paper.

It is build to destroying all printed and digital information and I can ensure you, the powerful 1/2 horsepower motor shreds up to 12 sheets of paper at one time into small unreadable pieces.

6) Fellowes Powershred 60Cs

best crosscut paper shredder under $100

One again Fellowes in our list of best paper shredders under $100. As I have written before, Fellowes is one of the best shredder brands in this industry and they believe in customer satisfaction at any cost. 

Fellowes Powershred 60Cs comes with a 10 sheet capacity to shreds all the DVDs, CDs, Papers, and Credit cards. 

I like the SafeSense Technology that stops shredding after touching the hand. It is best for homes because our children try to touch every new product so in case, your children touch it so It will stop automatically. 

It has a very stunning design with a 6-gallon bin. Once the bin gets filled, you can easily put it off from the shredder and can empty that easily. 

7) Aurora AU1230XA Anti-Jam

Aurora AU1230XA Anti-Jam shredder

Aurora is a very popular brand and this Aurora AU1230XA 12 sheet capacity. It cuts all the items papers, credit cards, DVDs, CDs and etc. It makes the small pieces of every item (3/16 by 1-9/16 inches).

Use reverse mode, If the pepper is stuck while shredding. Aurora has focused on design as well. It looks so nice and attractive.

If it gets overload so thermal protection is there and It comes 4-mode power switch (auto-off-reverse-forward). 

With the help of LED indicator lights, you were notified when the shredder became overheat. The 5.2-Gallon wastebasket can store a large number of destroyed items. 

Buying Guidance:

I hope you have selected the best paper shredder under $100 but still, you have any confusion to buy a cheap paper shredder so please have a look at our buying guidance and FAQs section. I make sure after reading buying guidance and FAQs, you will be able to find the best and cheap paper shredder. 

Types of Paper Shredder

Many people do not have the depth knowledge about the paper shredder and their type so basically, there are three types of paper. 

  1. Strip-Cut Paper Shredders
  2. Cross-Cut Paper Shredders
  3. Micro-Cut Paper Shredders

1) Strip-Cut Paper Shredders

Stip-cut type shredder produces long strips and so many shredders come with this type but you can clearly see the text over the cut strip that is why people do not love to buy stip cut type paper shredders.

2) Cross-Cut Paper Shredders

Crosscut type paper shredders are the middle type shredders. Most people love to buy cross-cut paper because these types of shredders come at a very cheap price. 

3) Micro-Cut Paper Shredders

I like this type of shredder because it destroys the paper in thousands of tiny particles. Not a single person can read anything after shredding paper, DVDs, CDs, and credit cards.


What is the best paper shredder for home use? 

Actually, It is not fixed that which is the best paper shredder for home use because every paper shredder works to destroy the peppers, credit cards, etc so If you want to buy a shredder then you can read this article where I have shared the cheap paper shredders under $100. 

Which is the best paper shredder for a small office? 

If you want a paper shredder for a small office so I recommend you to go with Aurora and Royal. There are the best and cheap shredders for an office, 

How much does a good shredder cost?

There is no limit to shredder cost. It only depends on your requirement and budget. Here I have shared the budget-friendly paper shredder which can help you to find a good paper shredder. 

Is buying a paper shredder worth it? 

If you are running an office where you work with so many papers, credit cards, DVDs, and CDs so a paper shredder can be worth it for you. 

What should I look for buying a paper shredder? 

If you are going to buy a paper shredder so you have kept some points in mind such as type, wastebasket, mode, safety, motor and etc. If you want to know in-depth so read this post.

Is micro-cut shredder batter then cross-cut? 

Micro-cut obviously is the best shredder in the market abuse it destroys the paper thousands of times but If you want a cheap shredder then the cross-cut is a good choice.

What is the most secure shredder cut type? 

The cross-cut and micro-cut type is the most secure shredder cut rather than a strip-cut shredder. 

Final Words:

I hope you like this article on the Best Paper Shredder Under $100 where I have shared a detailed explanation of each paper shredder. Now I believe, you can choose the best Paper shredder under $100.

I have searched a lot and made this list of cheap paper shredders. I have listed all the cheap paper shredders under $100 which will be best for you. 

I think I have shared all the details that will help you to choose the best paper shredder but in case, If you have any questions or suggestions so feel free to comment. I will try to respond as soon as possible.

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