10 Best Water Purifier Under 10000 (July Updated) 2024

Best Water Purifier Under 10000 - Are you looking for the best water purifier under 10000? If yes so you are in the right place because here I have shared the best water purifier below 10000.

There are many water purifier in the market but those water purifier which I have shared here are the best in reviews, price, brand and quality. 

Best Water Purifier Under 10000 

Our family is our real money and If our family is safe and happy then our money is safe and happy.

Now we are living in one of the most polluting country which is India. India is beautiful but also It comes in the most polluting country.

In this era, everywhere is pollution like air, food, water and etc. Now we should save ourself or our family from this pollution. Water is a major factor in the pollution that can harm us that's why this article is all about water purifier.  

So without wasting more time let's walk through the best water purifier under 10000 in India.

1) Eureka Forbes AquaSure Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier Under 10000

Our first product is Eureka Forbes Aquasure water purifier under 10000. Eureka Forbes is one of the biggest brands in the purifiers industry that provides the best and quality purifier to its audience.

It comes with 7-litre water capacity so you can store up to 7-litre water in Eureka Forbes water purifier. 

Many people afraid to take the material so it made with the food-grade plastic that make the purifier stronger and longer. 

The TDS controller is the best feature that allows you to adjust the taste of water according to you. 

The LED indicator indicates the on/off signals and the beautiful design make this purifier so attractive. 

The Eureka Forbes Aquasure water purifier comes with all the basic features like energy-saving mode.

If you buy this product so you do not need to touch it for installation the Eureka Forbes Aquasure provide the free installation service to their customer.

Overall this is the best and best-selling product. It is 100% safe and secure and it comes with multistage purification that clean all the bacterias, salts, chemicals and etc from the water. 

2) Kent Maxx UV + UF Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier below 10000

You may be aware of this water purifier brand. This is Kent of the best and trustable and this kent Maxx comes with the double purification process of UV and UF that clean every bacteria and camicals from the water. 

It has the detachable storage tank so you can easily clean the tank without any technician.

This water purifier in India is totally leak proof. There is so many water purifier which has a leaking issue but the kent is totally leak proof. 

It comes with 7-litre water purifier so you can store up to 7-litre water in this purifier. 

The kent provide you with the 1-year warranty on product and free installation as well so you do not need to install it by yourself. 

3) HUL Pureit RO + MF Water Purifier 

Water Purifier below 10000

The HUL Pureit RO + MF water purifier comes in advanced 6 stage purification that makes the water 100% pure so you and your family can drink the water.

It can be used for TDS up to 2000 ppm which is amazing and before buying please check the TDS meter to find out the correct TDS of your water. 

The design is very beautiful and made for smart people. It looks too smart and as we know our home products show our mentality so If you use this product so your friends and others will think that you and your family is smart. 

It made from food-grade material which is the most solid material that provides the longer life to a water purifier in India. 

We usually live in apartments where we do not have so much space so this water purifier just take little bit space because the dimension of this HURL Puerit Water purifier in India is 16.56 Length x 38cm Width x 42.30cm Height. 

It comes with 5-litre water storage and power-saving mode that save your electricity.

Overall I like the HUL Pureit purifier. The HUL Pureit provide you with the free installation and 1-year warranty as well. 

4)  Eureka Forbes Aquasure Water Purifier

Water Purifier under 10000

Eureka Forbes is an Idol choice of people. If you are searching the water purifier in India so you may have seen this brand because this is one of the popular band in a purifier.

It comes with 120-litre water capacity and made from the food-grade material that makes the purifier stronger and longer. 

The smart flow feature allows you to get up to 2-litre water in a minute which is super flow.

It has a smart indicator that indicates the UV bulb and cartridge status so you can schedule your service calls accordingly.

If you buy this product so you get the 1-year warranty so If you face any problem with this purifier so you can use this warranty card in future. 

5) Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Purifier 

Best Water Purifier Under 10000 In India

Now we have the Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Crystal Plus UV Water Purifier which comes with auto switched off. Our family have children's or sometimes we also forget to switch off the water purifier so If someone does not use it for 10 minutes, it will automatically be switched off. 

It has advanced UV technology which helps to remove all the bacterias, camicals, salt, viruses and etc from the water and give you the pure and healthy water so you and your family can live safe. 

The Eureka Forbes water purifier under 10000 has 4 levels of purification that clean the water and you get tasty or healthy water. 

It comes with a 1-year warranty, free installation and installation kit so whenever you face the issue of installation then you can easily do that in future by some basic steps. 

Overall the design is beautiful. white colour and the middle design making this product smart and attractive. 

6) Blue Star Aristo RO + UV Water Purifier 

RO Water Purifier Under 10000

Our 6th product is Blue Star Aristo best water purifier under 1000. The blue star is another great brand which is working so long in the water purifier industry. 

This Blue Star Aristo purifier comes with double layered RO + UV protection that ensure that the water is you are drinking is 100% safe. 

Ro removes all the micro heavy metals, microorganisms, dissolved impurities and heavy metals. 

UV removes the bacterias, viruses and cysts so you can drink the healthy water that can save your family from the diseases.

The filter capacity is 10 inch which is the large capacity that ensures the efficient purification process of a water purifier.

The storage capacity is 7 litres and It has high purification capacity.

The design is so beautiful and there are three indicators on the purifier so let me tell you the uses of them one by one.

  • Purification on the indicator that shows the purification process in the purifier. 
  • Tank full indicator that alerts you when the tank is full.
  • Low-pressure alert to indicate the low pressure. 

The blue star provides you with the Aqua test booster to boos the water test so you get the great experience while drinking the water.

7) Kent Ultra Wall Mountable Purifier

Kent Water Purifier Under 10000

If you are looking at the purifier so you might be very well aware of the Kent brand. Kent is one of the best selling brand and this kent Ultrawall Mountable purifier comes with the UV and UF technology that helps to clean all the bacterias, viruses and camicals from the water so you can drink the pure and safe water. 

It made from ABS food-grade technology that ensures higher durability and make this product longer.

The small body makes this product cute and space saver. It has 3 stages of purification to purify the water. 

The Kent water purifier in India comes with a 1-year warranty and free installation so you do not need to touch it for installation. 

The design is normal and classic but If you love to live a high-class lifestyle so you can skip this product and can go with another one. 

8) HUL Pureit Classic RO + UV Water Purifier 

Best Water Purifier Under 10000

Again we have the HUL Pureit water purifier but this HUL Pureit Classic purifier has some other specifications. 

It comes with 90% TDS Reduction that removes the hardness from the water to make your drinking safe. It removes the 90% hardness from the water and convert into the soft and sweet water.

The HUL Pureit has focused on leaking. The high-quality fitting cannot let the water leak. 

It has 6-litre high water storage capacity and also has an auto shut off function that makes the purifier shut off when you don't use it.

The fashionable body has a white colour and a beautiful black link in the middle of the best water purifier.

It comes with 6 stage purification to purify the water and also Hul pureit provide you with the 1-year warranty and free installation as well. 

9) Faber Galaxy Plus Minral Water Purifier 

Best Water Purifier Below 10000

This 9 lItre Black Faber Galaxy Plus water purifier comes with 8 stages of water purification that gives the highly purified water. 

The 8 stages of purification are:-
  • External Sediment Filter (20 microns) 
  • Pre-Carbon Filter
  • Sediment Filter (5 microns)
  • RO Membrane
  • Post Carbon Filter/MAT Filter
  • UF Membrane
  • UV Filter

It has a smart energy-saving mode. Once your tank is full, It automatically turns off.

Mostly RO water purifiers under 10000 are made for TDs level 2000 PPM. The Faber Galaxy had made this to keep the TDS that is why the RO membrane of this purifier support high TDS level of up to 2500 PPM.

With the help of this purifier, you get the smooth, soft, healthy and safe water that you and your family can drink fearlessly. 

If we talk about the design so Faber Galaxy looks so amazing and black colour gives it shine that can impress anyone. 

It does not have any colour option or alert indicator but overall the purifier is best for the middle class and high-class family as well. 

10) Hindware Elra Mineral purification water purifier

Water purifier under 10000

With the Hindware Elra water purifier, You get mineral purification that provides 100% RO+ UV + UF purified healthy and bacteria-free water that make your drinking experience amazing.

The gloss finish black colour is making this purifier design beautiful and it supports the TDS of 900 PPM to 1800 PPM.

It comes with the three indicators to indicate you about:-
  • Power
  • Tank Full
  • Purification

Hindware is a great brand that provides shipping services across India.

It comes with the 7 super performance filter. I have listed all the name below:-
  • Ultrafine Sediment filter
  • Adsorbent pre-carbon filter
  • RO Membrane 
  • Germ Eliminator UV
  • Ultra Fine Filtration 
  • Post Carbon Filter
  • Mineral Fortification

The Hindware provides you with the 1-year warranty and also free installation. Overall the purifier is great and best for a small or big family.


I hope you like this article on best water purifier under 10000 where I have shared the top 10 water purifier in India from our list under 10000. 

I have tried to provide you with the best water purifier. When I was compiling the list of my water purifier so I have checked so many water purifier but these are the best and trustable water purifier brands. 

If you still have any question or suggestion so feel free to comment. I would love to solve your problem as soon as possible. 


1) Which is The Best Purifier in India Under 10000?

I know many people ask this question so here in this list, I have added the top 10 best water purifier and all are under 10000 so you can go with anyone but If I personally recommend you so you should go with Eureka Forbes, HUL Pureit and Blue Star Aristo because I have read so many purifiers and these three purifiers are deserve to be top. 

2) Which is the best water purifier in India?

There are so many best water purifiers in India but the all is up to your budget. Here in this article, I have also shared the best water purifier and at the end of these all questions, I have added all budget purifier links so you must check them.

3) What is UF Water Purifier? 

The UF water purifier means ultrafiltration system. UF water purifier does not require any type of electricity and It removes all bacteria, junk and viruses without using electricity which is amazing that's why people love to go with UF water purifier.

4) What is RO Water Purifier? 

The RO - Reverse Osmosis purification system only works in the membrane and this membrane helps to convert the hard water to the soft water so you can drink soft and healthy water. 

5) What is UV Water purifier?

The UV water purification is the advance way to purifier the water. UV water purification removes the bacterias and viruses by laser lighting. The leaser cleans everything in the water and gives you pure and healthy water which you can fearlessly drink. 

6) What is TDS in Water Purifier?

The TDS helps to know the solid level in the water. If the TDS level is high so It indicated that the water is solid but the TDS is low so you can easily Identify that the water is soft.

7) What is MTDS in Water Purifier?

The MTDS is a regulator which ensure you the process of water purification that it is working good or not and it also controls TDS up to 2000mg.

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