12 Best Mixer Grinder in India (July Updated) 2024

Best Mixer Grinder in India -  Are you looking at the Best Mixer Grinder in India? If yes so you are in the right place because here I have shared the Best Mixer Grinder online reviews. 

There are so many mixers in the market but here I have shared only Best Mixer Grinder reviews and all mixer grinder are the best in reviews, ratings, prices, and quality. 

Best Mixer Grinder in India 

A mixer grinder is very important to have in a home. Indian women work hard for us to make food. Mixer grinder helps them to grind their food items. 

It is very hard to grind any food item through the hand. There are many ingredients which cannot grind by hand and mixer works best to grind every type of ingredients 

So without wasting more time let's walk through the best mixer grinder in India. Stay tuned with me till the end so you can choose the best mixer grinder.

1) Lifelong Power Pro Mixer Grinder

Best Mixer Grinder in India

Lifelong power is our first product from our list. It has many advance features and also It is the best selling product that's why this is on the top.

It comes with 3 stainless steel jars and the capacity of every jar are 1.25 Litre liquidizing jar, 0.8 Litre multi-purpose jar, 0.35 Litre chutney jar.

It has the 3-speed control motor so you can maintain the speed according to you and the motor is 500 watt which is very good to grind any ingredients.

Other brands do not provide multi-functional blade system but you also get this feature in this Lifelong mixer Grinder.

In case If you mixer gets overheat or started doing fluctuations so you can use the overloaded button that can help you to stop this grinder.

2) Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder 

Mixer Grinder in India

You may be very well aware of this brand but If not so I let you know that this is bajaj which is one of the most trustable brand in India.

This Bajaj Rex mixer grinder has 500-watt powerful motor and 3-speed control to control the speed according to your ingredients.

The design is very beautiful and It comes with 3 jars with L liquidizing jar, a 0.8 L dry grinding jar and a 0.3 L chutney jar capacity.

It made from ABS plastic which is the best plastic technology that makes a product stronger. 

The grip jar handles are very easy with perfect finishing and you get a 1-year warranty on motor and product. If you have any problem then you can directly contact to the customer care.

3) Prestige Lris Mixer Grinder 

Mixer Grinder

Prestige is one of my favourite brand that is popular to their quality of products. The Prestige Lris mixer grinder also has amazing review and ratings that's why we have listed it on 3rd position.

750-watt motor gives great speed and grinds every part of your ingredients.

It comes with 4 jars and the capacity of jars are (1.5L) Wet grinding jar(1.5) Juicer Jar, (1 L) LDry grinding jar, (300ml) Chutney Jar.

The 3 controls help to maintain the speed and you get the 2 years motor warranty as well as 2 years product warranty. 

The best part of this mixer grinder is that It will not start until you didn't lock the jar correctly. 

4 super blades work proper and stainless steel giving it a beautiful look. 

4) Butterfly Smart Mixer 

Butterfly Smart Mixer Grinder in India

Butterfly smart mixer grinder has a beautiful design and the grey colour making it more attractive. 

It comes with 4 jars and has a 750-watt motor that giving a great speed experience.

you can control the speed in 3 steps. You just need to rotate the knob to select the speed. 

It has transparent material so you can see every process from outside. 

There is a LED light which indicates the on/off. The Butterfly provides the 2 years warranty on motor and 2 years warranty on the product.

5) Orient Electric Mixer Grinder 

Orient Electric Mixer Grinder

Next, we have the Orient Electric Kitchen Mixer Grinder. It has 500-watt high-performance copper motor.

The design is amazing and yes Orient has worked on finishing and deigning. The blads of this mixer grinder are designed for super fine grinding.

The jars are extra thick for longer life and heavy duty grinding which grinds every part of an ingredient in the jars.

You also get 3-speed controllers with inches so you can easily control the speed with the knob.  

It comes with advanced heat dissipation that keeps the jars cool and safe to touch. It cannot let the parts heat up which is great and also very safe.

 6) Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder 

Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder in India

This Preethi Zodiac is one of my favourite mixer grinders because It has a powerful motor that ensures robust operations.

It made of eco-friendly materials to ensure good health and safety which is very good and yes The material of this product is food grade. Food grade is most powerful plastic, rubber and stainless steel that gives a mixer grinder longer life.

It just takes 30 min to grind hard ingredients like vrad dal so It will grind the vrad dal in just 30 minutes which is very fast.

It comes with 3 in 1 insta fruit juicer jar which makes juice instantly. You can make any fruit juice like coconut, mango and etc.

The motor watt is 750 which is so much powerful. You also get the 5-year warranty on motor as well as. Not only on the motor but the Preethi Zodiac also provides you with the 2 years warranty and If you get any type of problem so you can also talk to the customer care. They will solve your problem.

The blades are powerful because they have crossed the 10 hours of water load test which was to ensure the quality of the blade.

Now the many women complain that they have to face the noise while grinding something so I let you know them that If you use this mixer grinder on high speed then It will noise little otherwise not.

There are 3 controllers in the knob. First one is for low speed, the second is for medium speed and last is fast speed so you can control that according to ingredients.

7) Preethi Blue Mixer Grinder 

Best Mixer grinder in India

Preethi is one of the most popular mixer grinder brand in India. This is a shockproof ABS body mixer grinder and also has heat control so In case this mixer grinder overloaded so It will not heat.

The Jars and blads are made from 100% stainless steel. This mixer is not only best in quality, but It also best in the motor. It comes with 750-watt motor.

This is an innovative mixer with all the new features and specifications. It is very safe and does not have any issue so After grinder, you get the smooth paste as you want.

The Preethi has focused on safety because It made from ABS plastic body and It has a feature of cut off automatically while heating so this is the best for anyone.

Blades are strong and good for any type of ingredients. It comes with 2 years warranty and yes It is a little bit noisy but all is good in this Preethi Mixer Grinder.

8) Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder

Best Mixer grinder
If you are looking quality so here, we have the Philips mixer grinder. Philips is the most popular and international brand. This Philips mixer grinder can grind any type of ingredient without any burdon.

The best thing about this Philips mixer grinder in India is that It can easily grind the toughest ingredients like whole grand dal and other Ingredients.

The 750-watt motor and 5-year warranty gives an amazing experience with this Philips Mixer Grinde in India.

It comes with an advanced air ventilation system that provides faster cooling of the appliance which ensures longer life of the motor.

The jars are leak proof. It is normal to see the leakage from the jar but Philips has also solved this issue and the food-grade stainless steel give this mixer a longer life.

9) Maharaja Whiteline Mixer Grinder 

Best Mixer grinder India

Maharaja mixers are the more popular in northern and western states of India than Southern states. Southern States people prefer to go with butter fully or prestige brand. There is a difference just because of marketing.

This Maharaja Mixer ranks in the most selling mixer grinder. The 500-watt powerful motor grinds everything like chutneys. You can grind as much toughest ingredients you want like pepper, tamarind, turmeric and others.

The overload protection and speed regulation make this mixer grinder safe so You can safely use this mixer without any burden.

It comes with three jars with sharp and clean blades that helps to grinding, blending and so on.

The design-wise, this is best and beautiful. You do not need to shift it in a large space. It only required some space.

There are three-stage of controlling speed. You can easily set the speed by a knob which is very easy to use.

10) Eveready Glowy Mixer Grinder 

Mixer grinder India

Eveready is one of India’s most preferred brand and this Eveready is also one of its products which has great specifications.

This Eveready mixer grinder under in India comes with stainless steel Liquidizer jar that gives a jar a longer life.

500-watt motor help to make chutney in some seconds and It has overload protection so in case you feel that the mixer is overloaded so you don’t need to worry about that.

The sharp and fitted blades made from quality stainless steel. These blades give the best results no matter how toughest is your ingredient.

You can easily adjust the speed through the 3-speed controller and can grind your favourite ingredients.

11) Sujata Dynamix Mixer Grinder

Sujata Dynamix Mixer Grinder

The soul of a mixer grinder is a powerful motor. Sujata Dynamix comes with a powerful 900 watt engine which is the most powerful motor with double ball bearings.

The best thing about this which I really loved is that the motor does not require any type of maintenance. Now you can grind anything from this mixer grinder with the help of 900-watt motor.

It has dome jar for wet grinding and also has 2 separate stainless-steel jars for dry grinding and chutney grinding.

The blades are made from stainless steel that cut finer and faster in the ingredient.

Three modes of controlling speed are there so you can control the speed according to your need and you do not feel any type of vibration while grinding because it is vibration free.

Sujata mixer grinder in India has a simple design but the body is shockproof and safe for your body. 

12) Preethi Steel Supreme Mixer Grinder 

Preethi Steel Supreme Mixer Grinder

Again, we have the Preethi Mixer Grinder. The Preethi Steel Supreme comes with the stainless steel body with a 750-watt motor. It is a worthy Mixer grinder from our list.

The motor generates great speed and covert your ingredients into the paste. The powerful motor is making your grinding easy and smooth.  

It comes with the advanced ventilation system keeps mixer body cool. It does not generate any type of smell in the ingredients.

The Preethi has focused on user needs that is why the unique motor blades give you the best results.

It is very easy to clean. Preethi provides you with the 2-year warranty on this product after becoming their family part.


1) How many watts is good for mixer grinder?
If you search then you get only 550 to 1400 watts mixer grinder in India. If you are looking a mixer grinder for making chutney then The 550-watt mixer grinder is best for you but If you want to make idli and something from coconut you need 1 750 watt mixer that will grind these all the ingredients.

2) What is the RPM of a Mixer Grinder?
RPM is very important in a mixer grinder. The number of rotating blades called RPM. The highest RPM means the batter grinding efficiency 

3) How many jars should be there in a mixer grinder?
Minimum three jars should be there in a mixer grinder. 

1) Smallest Jar for dry grinding 
2) Wet Grinding jar for making paste and chutney
3) The largest jar is for juice and Idli batter  

Every jar has its size and uses so use them according to their capacity.

4) Which is the best mixer grinder in India?
So this is the most asking question and here is the answer. I have shared the best mixer grinder in India in this article so you can go with anyone but I personally recommend Philips, Bajaj and Preethi Mixer grinders.  

Closing Lines:-

I hope you like this article on best mixer grinder in India where I have shared the top 12 mixer from my list. 

I have tried to provide you with the best mixer grinder. When I was compiling the list of my mixer grinder so I have checked so many mixers but these are the best and trustable brand mixer grinder. 

If you still have any question or suggestion so feel free to comment. I would love to solve your problem as soon as possible. 

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