10 Best Folding Exercise Bike (March Updated) 2024

Best folding exercise bike: Are you looking at the best folding exercise bike? If yes so you are in the right place because here I have shared the top 10 folding exercise bike reviews for your fitness.

There are so many exercise bikes in the market but here I have only shared the best folding exercise bike reviews and buying guidance. All bikes are the best in reviews, ratings, prices, and quality. 

Best Folding Exercise Bike 

Life is getting busier and rooms are getting smaller. Furniture cover so much space that's why people love to buy foldable, affordable, and portable furniture. 

Everyone has a busier schedule and because of a busy schedule, people do not have time to go to the gym that's why they need something affordable, foldable, and portable. And the best folding exercise bike is best for this type of condition.

If have a big house so you also love to save some space so this best folding exercise bike can help you to do so.

After doing exercise on the bike, You can fold it easily and can tuck it into the corner of your bedroom. 

If you have a business and do not have time to come home so you can also buy one bike for your office and can use that whenever you feel lazy or painful. 

1) FitDesk Adjustable Exercise Bike 

FitDesk Adjustable Folding Exercise Bike

If you have a busy schedule so this bike is very helpful to you. This innovative and amazing exercise bike comes with only one stone.

You can now focus on your work and fitness as well. The seat is fully comfortable and this FitDesk Bike is made from heavy steel that can lift up to 300 pounds weight. 

It is perfect for improving cardiovascular health while working. 

The small display shows you the time, distance, burning calories, Speed and etc. You can adjust the seat according to your height 

It comes with a non-slip adjustable desk that fits laptops, magazines,s and more. There is a tablet holder that supports your tablet for streaming videos, using apps, and others.

Now you can work with exercise. This is secure and stable so you can really work on the table and best for anyone. 

2) Exerpeutic Gold Foldable Exercise Bike 

Exerpeutic Gold Foldable Exercise Bike

Now we have the gold Exerpeutic exercise bike. This is a 100% mercy foldable exercise bike.

It comes with an LCD and heart rate monitor. The weight capacity is 400 which is great for anyone and a heavy person also can use this exercise bike. 

The large comfortable seat is making this Exerpeutic Gold foldable bike useful for any size of person. 

The display shows your burning calories, distance, and time.

It does not require any special adjustment to the seat for biking on this exercise bike. Every nuts and bolt has numbers for assembling that makes the assembling very easy. 

It is only made for people of height lower than 5.1. Another feature is the weight of the bike. It is a very lightweight bike so you can easily fold it after biking. 

3) XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike

XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike

If you are looking for a foldable exercise bike so you may know this brand. This is XTERRA fitness. The most popular brand that makes fitness products and equipment. 

This XTERRA Fitness FB350 comes with a 2 x 1 LCD window which is very easy to read all the necessary information. 

The seat is fully comfortable and you are not going to face any type of uncomfortableness. You also get the padded seat handle for extra stability while padding. Many people have a back problem so they cannot go down that's why this is best for them. 

It comes with 8 levels of resistance and If you want to control them so you can easily control them with the large dial knob. 

The accessory holder helps to hold your phone, remote control, and other items. 

Once you have completed your exercise then you can easily fold that and also shift that where you want with the help of the transport wheel. 

4) Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike

Marcy Foldable Exercise Bike

Marcy is a popular brand in the fitness industry that makes quality products and provide the best services to their customers. 

It comes with the 8 resistance level so the buyer can control according to his/her fitness. 

The best part which I personally like is the quietness. It is very quiet. If you are looking for a noise-free bike for the office or home so this is best for you. 

The adjustable seat allows you to adjust the seat according to your height and Marcy foldable exercise bike is suitable for every height of women. 

The overall interface is very user-friendly, especially for those who are planning workout routines and monitoring progress. 

You can check your daily exercise details on the LCD display. 

It is made from a 14 gauge steel frame that gives durable construction.

The pedals of the Marcy foldable exercise bike have a textured grip to secure your feet during the paddling. The safety strap saves you to fall off the pedal.

Otherwise, Everything is good. The bike is easy to assemble. You can assemble it by yourself through follow the steps. 

If I personally say so yes this Marcy foldable exercise bike is the best deal. If you want to buy so feel free to go with it. 

5) Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness exercise bike

The color matters most when you going to buy an exercise bike because the beautiful color defines your choice and the sunny health & fitness folding bike comes with a beautiful pink color. 

The weight is 36.8 pounds and the capacity is 220ibs. This beautiful bike is made from steel which's why it is strong so fear-free to ride on it. 

I started loving it in a first look and the dimension is 32L x 19.5W x 46H. Buyers said the Sunny Health & Fitness folding bike had gone more than a year and they have not faced any problem while using it. The product is more amazing than they have expected. 

The seat is comfortable and also adjustable. You can adjust the seat according to height so you can sit relax on the beautiful bike. The bike is 9 wide and 11 long.

It comes with handlebars like a normal bike that helps you to use it like upright bikes. 

It has 8 level resistance. You can adjust them according to you. You just need to turn the knob right side to increase the level and the left side for decreases. 

Sunny Health & Fitness has focused on safety that's why you get the grip on paddles and the paddle's texture is non-slip. 

The pink and small cute display shows you the burning calories, timing, distance and etc.  

Overall the product is beautiful and amazing but this bike is made for girls/women because most of the girls prefer pink color. 

6) Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

Now again we have the Exerpeutic exercise bike but this is a magnetic upright exercise bike and it has some other features. This bike is the most popular bike and people love to buy this best foldable exercise bike

It is a very lightweight bike and can handle 300lbs weight. The bike so smooth and comfortable that helps to achieve your fitness goal.

If you live in a small place/apartment and you have limited space so this bike is the best for you. Nowadays we do not have a good and big house. We all live in apartments and you very well know the condition of apartments that's why this bike is best to exercise in a small place. 

The design is very simple and easy. It has dimensions of 31L x 19W x 46H. 

The large cushion of the seat provides you the full comfort while paddling. You can also adjust the seat according to you. 

The large monitor tracks your daily data. It tracks your burning calories, timing, speed, distance, and many more. It comes with a couple of hand pulse tracker that tracks your heartbeats and show the results on the display. 

The space-saving design making this product amazing. Once you complete your workout then you can easily fold it and tuck it in the corner. People who have bought this bike are fully satisfied with the bike. 

7) ProGear 225 Folding Exercise Bike

ProGear 225 Folding Exercise Bike

This lightweight exercise bike is designed for small rooms but you can use it in a big room as well. The blue color makes it unisex so men and women both can use this exercise bike.

It comes with a large display that shows you the right burning calories, speed, and distance.

The wide and comfortable seat gives you full comfort while riding. It can handle up to 200 pounds weight that is great for any user.

It comes with different levels of resistance and you also can adjust according to your requirement. It is very easy to assemble through some nut bolts which comes with this exercise bike.

The large pedals with a safety strap save you from fall off. We are talking about safety so it also comes with adjustable leg stabilizers to prevent any movement or tipping when exercising.

It is very quiet and easy to use. It has an accessory holder to hold your phone, iPod, and other accessories.

This space-saving ProGear Folding bike gives you a great experience. After completing the exercise, You can fold it and easily move it by transportation wheels.

8) PLENY Foldable Upright Exercise Bike 

PLENY Foldable Upright Exercise Bike

Our 8th product is the pink PLENY Foldable exercise bike. This beautiful bike is made for beautiful girls and women because it has a pink color and women mostly love pink color.

It comes with a large comfortable padded seat that offers longer exercise on the bike and give you full comfort while paddling.

It has a count down feature that can help you to achieve your fitness aim. You just need to set up the count down and it will start the count down for you.

The beautiful pink exercise bike monitor shows you the time, speed, distance, heart rate, and calories so you can check your daily activity and can improve them.

It is very smooth and PLENY has focused on safety too. The paddle textured anti-slip blocks with a safety strap to keep you safe while pedaling.

It comes with the hand pulse that tracks your pulse rate and It has a height adjuster to adjust the height according to the user.

Overall, the bike is beautiful and have great features. If you are a girl/woman so this beautiful pink exercise bike can be best for you.

9) Xspec Indoor Foldable Workout Exercise Cycling Bike

Xspec Foldable Workout Exercise Bike

The color defines your choice. This is 100% true. If you are looking the bike for unisex so the Xspex Indoor exercise bike can be good for you. It comes in a sky blue color and is made from a steel frame.

It comes with 3 level resistance that can be adjusted with the pull of a knob. Turn the knob right to increase and left for the decrease.

It has a large seat cushion that provides you with the max comfort while paddling and It can handle up to 265 lbs weight.

This bike is very smooth and the handlebars are very soft. If you buy this product so you’ll fall in love with it.

The large paddles and secure straps make it safe while exercising on the bike. The paddles are designed to not slip from the leg which is great for a user.

10) Marcy Folding Upright Exercise Bike NS654

Marcy Folding Upright Exercise Bike NS654

Once again we have the Marcy brand. This is our last but very good product from our list.   

It comes with an 8 resistance level which you can adjust according to your requirement. 

It is designed for the user's comfortable experience. The seat is furnished with high-density foam that gives your full comfort while exercising on this Marcy Foldable exercise bike

Everybody wants a fit body that's why they set their fitness aim and the Marcy Foldable exercise bike helps to achieve their goals. You can see your burning calories, time, speed and etc in the LCD display and can improve that day by day to get good fitness. 

The paddles have a safety strap that helps your feet to not fall off the paddle while riding. 

Once your exercise is over then you can fold it easily and If you want to move that so do not work hard for lifting, Just use the transport wheel to move it. 

This unisex bike is good for men and also for women. I personally love the black color and the feature of this bike. 


I hope you like this article on the best folding exercise bike where I have shared the top 10 foldable exercise bike from our list. 

I have tried to provide you the best foldable exercise bike. When I was compiling the list of these best exercise bikes so I have checked so many foldable exercise bikes but these are the best and trustable brands of exercise bikes. 

If you still have any questions or suggestions so feel free to comment. I would love to solve your problem as soon as possible. 

Buying Guidance:-

How to choose the best Folding Exercise Bike?

This is the most asking question because there are so many bikes on the online market and offline market as well. When you search for the best folding exercise bike on google, you get so many results and It is quite difficult and time-consuming to visit all websites, compare each product and find the best foldable exercise bike for you. 

When you have determined to buy a folding exercise bike, read the following points, and keep them in your mind while selecting the bike. It will save you time and effort as well.

Bike Resistance Levels

If you are going to buy a bike so remember the bike resistance go ahead. Every bike comes with a different resistance level but most of the foldable bikes come with the magnetic resistance level so you can go with it.

Comfortable seat

Most of the bike comes with an extra padded seat that makes you comfortable but some bikes come with the basic and normal seat. These types of seats are for a shorter time.

Recumbent & Upright Combo style 

Most of the folding exercise bike comes with the recumbent and upright style that gives your two exercise experience in one bike. 

You can adjust them according to you that's why this is the biggest advantage to have a foldable bike. 

Space Saver Bike

Most of the bikes are foldable and made for the tiny house but If you want a more compact and tiny bike so I recommend you to go with XTERRA Fitness FB150 and Xspec Indoor Bike.

Weight Capacity

Before buying, remember to check the weight capacity. Most of the bike comes above 200lbs capacity so buy the bike according to your weight. 

Design Wise

The design also matters in one life. If you buy a light color bike so you'll engage with that but If you buy a dark or old fashion color bike then you'll not enjoy your exercise. Light colors are the symbol of happiness and dark colors are the symbol of sadness that's why to choose the bike which has a light color. 

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