6 Best Gravity Based Water Purifiers in India 2022

Best Gravity Based Water Purifier Review - Are you looking for the best Gravity Based Water Purifier? If yes so you are at the right place because here, I have shared the best water purifiers reviews & guidance. 

It is very confusing to buy a water purifier when you have so many choices and want a gravity-based water purifier. If you are facing the same problem so don't worry because below I'm going to share the best gravity-based water purifier review & Full Buying Guidance.

Best Gravity Based Water Purifiers

I can understand why you are looking for a gravity-based water purifier? because you love your family and can't see them in trouble. 

I think every family should have at least a water purifier. Family is our life. If our family is happy and safe so you are happy and safe. 

The water purifier which I have listed below are the best selling water purifier and all in the budget but the right choice is dependent on your budget.

Here I have tried to share the best and affordable gravity-based water purifier which you can purchase for your family. So without wasting more time let's drive into the best gravity-based water purifier review.

1) Tata Swach Non-Electric 15-Litre Water Purifier

Best Gravity Based Water Purifiers in India

Our first product is TATA Swach Gravity Based Water purifier. TATA is a big brand and people love it most. 

This TATA Swach water purifier is one of the best purifiers and It is no-1 bestselling gravity water purifier on amazon. 

It uses Silver Nano-technology to effectively destroy bacteria and viruses without using electricity or running water that makes this product amazing.

If we talk about the design and colour so the design is very simple and beautiful. You can clearly judge that this product is gravity based or not by looking at the design. 

It removes the 100 crore bacteria and 1 crore viruses from 1 litter water and gives you 99.99% pure water that will be good for your health. 

This TATA Swach has a smarter way to purify your drinking water and you can clean it very easily and also assemble that without facing any trouble. 

2) Tata Swatch Non-Electric 18-Litre Water Purifier

Best Gravity Based Water Purifiers

Again, we have the TATA Swach Water purifier but this is different from our first TATA Swach Water Purifier. This is 18-litre gravity-based water purifier and has so many other features.

It has a beautiful body and has a blue colour which gives it an appealing look and the design of this product is great. I must say TATA Swach has focused on the design.

This Tata Swach 18 litre water purifier is no-electric with storage type product so you don’t need any type of electricity to use this product and this is 100% gravity-based water purifier.

It has 18 litres water capacity and food-grade plastic is a type of tank that shows that this is a strong and great product. Now let’s talk about the warranty. Warranty matters most so the Tata Swach is providing you with the 6 months warranty so If you face any type of problem in 6 months than you can contact them.

3) Kent Gold+ 20-Lires Gravity Based Water Purifier

Gravity Based Water Purifiers
You may be very well aware of this brand but If not so I let you know that this Kent Water Purifier. Kent is a very big and famous brand. You may have seen the ads on Television or other social media platform.

This is the Kent Gold+ 20-litres Gravity Based Water Purifier. It has great reviews and ratings that’s why this is our third recommendation. 

The design of this product is very beautiful and attractive and the aqua blue colour makes this product more beautiful. You can assemble that where you want. It will give your house an appealing look and the model designed with food-grade non-breakable plastic that gives a longer life to this product. 

This is 100% gravity-based water purifier that added with ultrafiltration technology. It has the 20 litres water storage capacity and the storage tank continuous gives you the water even in the absence of electricity or running tap water. 

Kent Gold water purifier works without electricity so you don’t need to worry about the chemicals. It purifies the water without using any chemicals. This is an amazing water purifier. You can easily assemble and use this Kent gold 20 litres gravity-based water purifier. 

 4) Hul Puriet Advanced 23 L Water Purifier - 3000 L 
Gravity Based Water Purifiers

Our 4th Product is HUL Pureit Advanced 23 L Water Purifier 3000 L which is also one of the best water purifiers in the market. The HUL Pureit 23 Litre Water Purifier uses a multi-stage process to ensure that you get the safe, clean and tasty water you deserve. 

The Programmed Germ kill Technology is able to kill almost all germs and can kill up to 10 million virus cells in 1L of water. What's more, the Imported Micro charge Membrane ensures double protection by removing any leftover impurities. 

With an activated carbon tap that does a lovely job of removing pesticides and dirty odours from your water, the Pureit Advanced water purifier is an excellent choice for you.

If we talk about the design so the colour of black and white make this product beautiful. 

This water purifier provides you with the massive combined 23L storage capacity and you don’t need any electricity or running water. It is 100% gravity-based Pure its water purifier. Overall, this is the best water purifier and it is high quality, non-breakable and food-grade ABS plastic water purifier.  

5) Kent Gold Star 22-Litres Gravity Based Water Purifier
Best Gravity Based Water Purifiers
Again, we have the KENT Water purifier but this is KENT Gold Star 22-litres gravity-based water purifier. This is also one of the best water purifiers which are very affordable have amazing reviews and ratings.

This Kent Water purifier is non-electric and chemical-free water purifier so you don’t need to worry about any type of chemical.

Kent always focuses to provide the best water purifiers and this Kent water purifier is also the best. The design of this product is amazing and this colour combination making this product more beautiful. 

The storage capacity of this Kent water Purifier is 22 litres and this gravity-based UF water purifier only suitable for low TDS water. 

6) TATA Swach Desire 27 Litre Water Purifier
TATA Swach Desire 27 Litre Water Purifier

Once again we have TATA Swach water purifier. This is the last but very amazing product. This water purifier is very powerful and has long-lasting material. 

It has a 27-litre storage capacity that makes this amazing product. This is also a gravity base RO and gives you pure and healthy water. The colour combination of this product is a little bit old fashion but this is okay at this rang.


1. Are Gravity Based Water Purifiers Good?
Gravity based water purifiers are the best water purifiers because they do not use electricity so you don't need to pay for electricity or not need afraid about any type of chemical.

2. Which is The Best Gravity Based Water Purifier?
There are so many gravity-based water purifiers in India but Here I have shared the best and affordable gravity base ro water purifier in this post.

3. What are the Gravity Based Water Purifiers?
Gravity based water purifier does not use electricity that's why they are gravity base ro water purifier. 

Bottom Line:

I hope you like this article where I have shared the best gravity-based water purifiers in India. I have tried to provide you with the full and details information about these best water purifier but still, If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post so please feel free to comment. I will try to respond as soon as possible. 

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