Can You Wear Your Fitbit On Your Ankle?

Can You Wear Your Fitbit On Your Ankle?

Can You Wear Your Fitbit On Your Ankle?

There are many people who love to do exercise and love to wear fitness tracker but because of some reason they cannot wear fitness tracker on their wrist and cannot take the advantages of the fitness tracker but now the question is what are those reason which stops them to wear the fitness tracker 

According to my point of view, There could be so many reasons like they might be facing the problem of having a wrist or they might have an injury on the wrist or they don't want to wear it on their wrist and etc. If you are also one of them and love to wear fitness tracker so don’t worry because you cannot wear the fitness tracker on your wrist but you can wear Fitbit on your ankle. Now I make sure that there are so many questions and confusions are raising in your mind so before any more confusion I let you know how you can wear the Fitbit fitness tracker on your ankle.

How a Fitbit Tracker Work After Wearing It on Ankle?

If you are really serious to wear a Fitbit on your ankle so I can guarantee you that nobody can stop you to wear it People have a habit to stop others but when the motivation stuck on your head so trust me not a single person can stop you.

According to the technology, The Fitbit makes to worn on the wrist because it collects the data which comes from your wrist so If you want to only count your steps while running so the chances are so high to wear it.

When you wore a Fitbit on your wrist so it collects the data from the pulse and show you the status so after using it on your ankle, you might will get some data which would not be so accurate but yeah it could work.

What are the points which you need to know?

  • It will not track your heart rate or burn calories.
  • You cannot see the right and accurate status on your Fitbit
  • The manufacturing company does not recommend this
  • You cannot see any data on the screen while doing treadmill and jogging/running.
  • You cannot access the other apps that come with the Fitbit because of wearing it on your ankle.

Can You wear Fitbit on your ankle for cycling?

Can You wear Fitbit on your ankle for cycling?

Do you want to wear it for cycling? If yes so who am I to deny you. Yes, you can wear Fitbit exercise tracker on your ankle for cycling but as I have said that It will not show you the right data but whatever it will show that’s good. You cannot access your heart rate and burning calories.

How to wear a Fitbit on The Ankle?

How to wear a Fitbit on The Ankle?

Now If you have taken the final decision so this is for you. If you’re thinking to wear your wrist Fitbit to your ankle so don’t do that. The ankle Fitbit are different from wrist wear. When you go to market or online market so you’ll see many Fitbit but you just need to choose Fitbit Zip. It basically made for the body not ankle but it can be the best alternative so you can go with it.

You have another option which is rudimentary ankle fitness bands. These are elasticated bands and when you wear them so it will wrap around your ankle so that’s also the best option.

Can I use another Ankle Fitness Tracker?

If you want to use another Fitness ankle tracker so the most popular fitness tracker is to Move the new ankle fitness tracker. The move is a very little fitness tracker and This is the best little fitness Ankle tracker. It provides all the features that are coming in the fitness tracker. You can also connect it with your phone and headphones as well as It has the ability to sync up your fitness status in your direct devices.

It has a voice coach, which is used to set fitness goals and track progress. I also come with the GPS so you can connect it to your device directly. This can be the best choice of fitness tracker for the ankle. You can get this for under 40$/50$. This is a very cheap price and really it is worth it.

While doing jogging/running or treadmill, you have to attach this move fitness tracker to your shoelaces. I know this is best but Move does not provide health-related information which is the biggest disadvantage. You cannot see the heart rate, burning calories, breathing rate, and so on but on the other hand, it provides you with the running/jogging metrics like distance, cadence, and speed. You can track these all by this little and amazing move fitness tracker for the ankle.

Before going with this, I let you know something that this German Foot Pod only worked Compatible with German watches so your chances can be limited to use but If you are 100% determined to use Fitbit on your ankle so you can go with the above bands. Those are best to go.

Bottom Line:

If you only want to wear a Fitbit on your ankle so You can but As I mentioned above that it doesn’t provide you with the health-related information like heart rate, burning calories and etc. You can only check the running related information so keep this in your mind before purchasing a Fitbit.

I have tried to provide you with the right information but as you also know that everyone cannot right always so this information may could be slightly incorrect because according to the manufacturers Fitbit only designed to wore on the write not anywhere else so If you wear then you might get wrong data.

If you are really serious about the Fitbit so you can go with the Fitbit Zip. Basically, Fitbit Zip designed to wear non-wrist. There is no mention that you also cannot wear it on your ankle so it can be the best alternative for you.

If possible so try to purchase a fitness tracker to wear on your wrist but in case you don’t want so you can go with this.

I hope you like this article and this information was helpful to you. If You like it so Please come again to our site, we provide the fitness related information and products that you might love to know. If you have still any questions and confusion so feel free to ask me in the comment. I personally try to give a response as soon as possible.
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