6 [Best] Treadmill under $500 - 2020 ( Full Guidance )

Are you looking for the best Treadmills under $500 budget? If yes so you are at the right place because today I have listed the top 9 best treadmills under $500 in the market. It is very confusing to find the best treadmill for your home because there are so many treadmills under 500 dollars in the market. If you are facing this problem so below I have shared the best treadmill under 500 dollar and trust me all are good in reviews and rating, pricing and quality. 

Best Treadmill Under $500

  • Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill Series
  • Exerpeutic TF1000 Fitness Electric Treadmill
  • MaxKare Folding Treadmill
  • Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T Treadmill
  • ProForm Performace 300i Treadmill
  • EFITMENT Sliming Motorised Treadmill

Best Treadmill For Home Under $500

So, without wasting more time let's walk through the best treadmill under 500 dollar. Stay with me till the end so you can Identify the best treadmill for your home.

1)  Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill Series

best treadmill under $500

Our first recordation is Weslo cadence G 5.9 Treadmill. This is an amazing treadmill in this range. It has more than 3758 ratings with 3.8-star reviews which are amazing and this is the bestselling treadmill in the range of $500. It has pulse heart rate monitor which monitor your heart rate and has an LCD display which show you the right states of your speed, distance, burning calories and more. If you buy this product so you will get the 6 personal trainer workouts from this brand which will help you to lose weight faster. It is 100% foldable and space saver.

2) Exerpeutic TF1000 Fitness Electric Treadmill

Treadmill under $500

Now we have the energetic TF1000 Ultra High Capacity Treadmill. It has so many other features too like it has 1.5 horsepower high-torque motor which gives amazing speed to give you an amazing shape. You can adjust the speed up to 4 miles per hour in 0.1 mph according to your capability. Exerpeutic TF1000 provide you with the 10-inch-wide treadmill belt. The design of this treadmill is best and you can see your time, distance, calories burned, speed and pulse states so you can do workout according to your states. The weight capacity is 400 pounds which are best in this range.  

3) MaxKare Folding Treadmill

[Best] Treadmill under $500

If you really want to buy a treadmill under $500 so this treadmill is going to best for you. I’ m talking about MaxKare Folding Treadmill. This is an amazing brand and this product has above 400 ratings with 4.2-star reviews. It has a large LCD display and 15 pre-set programs which will help you to achieve your fitness aim. you can monitor your real-time data for reach exercise, including speed, time, calories, distance and heart rate. This treadmill is equipped with a powerful and pure copper motor and can adjust the speed from 05 to 8.5 MPH. The tread belt is so wide (17 inches) and a 220 pounds is weight capacity. Overall, this is best to achieve your fitness goal.

4) Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T Treadmill

 [Best] Treadmill under $500

Again, we have the Weslo Crosswalk 5.2T Treadmill. The name of this treadmill elaborates the main feature. It has Crosswalk upper body arms and has 16 x 50 inches tread belt which is sufficient for any user. If you but this treadmill so you will get the 10 MPH digital speed control, 4 preset workout apps and thumb pulse heart rate monitor. 

5) Proform Performance 300i Treadmill 

ProForm is one of the largest brand and it always makes a quality product and gives good services to its customers but why this treadmill is in our 5th position? The answer is It has fewer ratings than the above treadmill that’s why this is in our 5th position and this is our responsibility to show the best rating product first then less them. So, It has 2.0 CHP drive System. It Proform provide you with the 16 x 50 inches tread belt and 300 pounds weight capacity. It has 0-10 quick incline a d 0-10 MPH quick sped control. 

6) EFITMENT Slimline Motorised Treadmill

 EFITMENT Slimline Motorised Treadmill

This is last but best treadmill. Our last product is EFITMENT Slimline Motorised Treadmill. This treadmill offers 9 built-in programs which are good and has all basic features like heart rate monitor, calories burned, distance, timing and many more. The main part of this treadmill is that it has Bluetooth connectivity so now you can talk to your friend or can listen to music while running/walking on this treadmill. It provides you with the tablet or mobile holder so now you can pull up your phone into the holder than can watch movie or video. It is foldable and has stereo speakers, auto incline and 220 Ibs weight capacity.


Q-1 Can you lose weight through the Treadmill?

Ans - This answer is very easy "yes". All gyms and fitness expert recommend treadmill so yes you can lose weight through the treadmill.

Q-2 Which Treadmill is best for a home under $500?

Ans - There are many Treadmills in the market under $500 but if you are looking at the best treadmill under $500 so I have listed the treadmills for home and all have more than 100 ratings and reviews.

Closing Lines:

I hope you like this article on the best treadmill under $500. Here I have tried to show you the best treadmill for your home and all are best in reviews and ratings. Still, If you have any question so feel free to ask us in the comment. I'll try to respond in a short time. 

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