How to Stay Fit in at Home | Quaratine Workout Tips in COVID-19

Tips to Stay Fit in Coronavirus lockdown

Are you getting frustrated at home in this quarantine because you cannot go to the gym or cannot do exercise? If yes so after reading this article your problem is going to solve. 

If you are a fitness freak so in this quarantine you maybe becoming insane. Exercise is a part of a gym freak or fitness freak because we love our health and fitness. If we don't do exercise or gym so our body started doing pain that's why here I'm going to tell top 5 tips to stay fit in this coronavirus lockdown so stay tuned with this article till the end.

5 Exercise to do at home

  • Push Up
  • Pull Up
  • Yoga
  • Bicep Curls
  • Squad

1) Push up - Every gym freak or non-gym freak knows about this exercise. Push-ups are the best exercise and every gym trainer highly recommend this exercise. If you are a beginner so it could be difficult for you to do many pushups but as well as you try to do it well anyway you become master in it. Many people say that push-ups are the old exercise but this exercise is a very important part of the exercise.

2) Pull up - Our second tips is pull-ups. You can easily do the pull-ups at your home. It is also very basic but good fitness.

3) Yoga - Yoga is a globally accepted exercise. Yoga comes from India and many people got well after doing the yoga. Yoga has the power to give a new life in the dead body. There are many types of yogas for every type of problem but here we are talking about fitness so there are basic yoga-like Kapal Bhati, Alom Vlom and etc. These yoga help you to be fit at your home in coronavirus lockdown.

4) Bicep Curls - You might have some home elements which will help you to do bicep curls like chairs and any heavy thing. Bicep curls help to maintain your biceps.

5) Squad - You 100% know this exercise. The squad is a very basic exercise which is good to do at home. it doesn't require any type of element.

Closing lines:

I hope you liked this basic exercise and If you do this exercise at your home in this quarantine so you'll get a massive transformation in your body. 

I personally do these exercise to
stay fit in coronavirus lockdown on a daily basis that's why I'm fit and healthy. If you still have any question and want to ask more so please let me know in the comment. I'll definitely help you.

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