Bleach Pregnancy Test: Accurate, Risk, Reliable and More

If you are a woman so at the time of pregnancy you can understand yourself whether you are pregnant or not, but the cheapest and best test to check pregnancy is a bleach pregnancy test. 

Bleach Pregnancy Test: Accurate, Risk, Reliable and More

Basically, bleach is used to clean kitchens, toilets, bathrooms, etc. But do you know that you can also use it for pregnancy tests. We call this home pregnancy test a bleach pregnancy test. 

This is the cheapest and quickest treatment to do a pregnancy test. You can easily test your own or anyone's pregnancy at home by this. Although this test is not 100% accurate.

How does bleach pregnancy test work

Whether or not you are pregnant is tested based on the sensitivity of a substance that detects a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in your urine. When you are pregnant with a baby, your placenta starts producing HCG. 

As well as you cross the first quarter, during that time the level of HCG production keeps increasing every day. After crossing a certain threshold concentration, your HCG starts coming out with urine.

If during the bleach pregnancy, HCG in the urine combines with bleach to produce bubbles or foam so it is a clear indication that you are pregnant and HCG in your urine.

But there is no response while mixing bleach and urine, it clearly shows that you are not from the womb.

What will you need to conduct the bleach pregnancy test

  • Take bleach in a cup 
  • Take some fresh urine in another cup
  • Mix the fresh urine in blech cup slowly
  • wait a few moments for the result

After a few seconds, you'll see the results but this method is not 100% accurate. The only doctor can tell you the right or 100% accurate results. This is only a homemade test so if the result is negative so don't be worry and just do the right check-up.

Which bleach is good to use for the pregnancy test

It is not required to use expensive bleach for the pregnancy test. You can use normal bleach which you use to clean your kitchen and bathroom. Do not use the colourful bleach for this test.

Negative Results

If there is no bubble or fizz After mixing the fresh urine or bleach each other so It shows that you're not pregnant but this result is not 100% right. If you think that you are pregnant so just go with propper check-up.

Positive Results

If you see the bubbles or fizz after mixing the urine or bleach so it clearly indicates that you are pregnant and there is a strong chance that you are pregnant.

Does Bleach Pregnancy Test Shows Accurate Results

There has been no research where is clearly mentioned that bleach pregnancy can give you accurate results. Most of the people believe in this but bleach is not designed for the pregnancy test. It is only for cleaning the kitchen and toilets. 

Bleach is just a liquid which people use to clean their home, not to test their pregnancy and who says that you'll be only able to see the bubbles after poring the urine. 

Risk While Doing The Bleach Pregnancy Test

There are so many risks while doing the pregnancy test. It is a very sensitive product so you must follow these steps:

  • Do not play with bleach like water. It is a powerful chemical.
  • Make your skin away from the bleach because it can harm your body skin.
  • It can create a problem with your nose from its smell 
  • While testing your pregnancy, Do not shake the urine and bleach mixture because once shake it so it'll not show you the proper results.
  • When you test your pregnancy so at that time do not see the under the bleach bottle because it leaves the dangerous chemical which can harm your eyes.
  • use hand glups to do this process.

Closing Lines

So, guys, I hope this information definitely will help you to test your pregnancy. Please share this post to your friends and relatives so they also can know the right and correct information.

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