10 Best Shapewear Buttock Enhancer (July Updated) 2024

Best Shapewear Buttock Enhancer - Are you looking for a shapewear buttock enhancer? If yes so you are at the right place because here I have shared the best butt enhancer.

There are so many butt enhancers in the market but the butt shapewear which I have shared here is the best in reviews, ratings, brands, and quality. 

List of Best Shapewear Buttock Enhancers 

A butt Enhancer is very important for our body. We are living in the 21 century where everything is a matter. If your face is beautiful but your body is not attractive so you lose your confidence. You cannot purpose anyone. you cannot crack the interviews and etc. 

A shapewear buttock enhancer gives you a sexy look and enhances your hips. According to research, we came to know that most boys like big hips. A good butt size attracts people and gives you confidence.

So If you are feeling sad because you do not have the right size of butt so do not worry. Below I have listed the 10 best butt enhancers that will help enhance your butt.

1) Women Seamless Butt Lifter

Best Buttock Enhancer

The Women Seamless butt lifter gives you the attractive look and It does not make any lines. It helps to make your hips as you ever wanted. 


  • It does not make any panty line on your body after wearing it.
  • This woman boy short give you a boost with rear circular cut-outs
  • It comes with butt control panties that make the coverage shape and lift your derriere. 
  • The women's seamless butt lifter provides you with an instant body shape.

2) Fut Women's Butt Lifter

Fut Women's Butt Lifter Shapewear

Now we have the Fut women Butt Lifter which is another best butt lifter that gives the right size and shape to your butt.

Fut is a great brand that makes the best body shapewear and this shapewear has amazing reviews and ratings that's why this is our second recommendation.


  • It has 85% Nylon & 15% Spandex that make this butt enhancer comfortable.
  • You can wear it under your pant or any dress and can do whatever you want after wearing it.
  • It makes your booty a nice lift that will boost your confidence.
  • The design of this shapewear buttock Enhancer is invisible that allows you to go anywhere after wearing it.
  • It is very easy to wear and If you do a workout so wear it while exercising. It will work greater while workout.

3) Women Shapewear Buttock Enhancer

Women Shapewear Buttock Enhancer


  • It comes with a breathable feature that makes you comfortable so you can feel active.
  • This shapewear is specially designed to give a woman amazing and sexy hips. 
  • It enhances your butt area to make your booty attractive.
  • This is invisible so you can wear it under jeans or any dress.
  • It comes with a circle opening on the back that enhances your bum naturally.

4) Hourglass Figure Butt Lifter

Hourglass Figure Butt Lifter

The Gotoly brand has come up with this beautiful Hourglass figure butt enhancer to give your butt a perfect shape. 

Gotoly is one of the best brand in the shapewear industry which makes a quality product and people love it


  • The manufacture has focused on the design and made it comfortable for ladies. 
  • It comes with 95% bamboo fibre, 5% Spandex. The soft fabric and silky lace pattern do not make you feel uncomfortable.
  • If you want to wear it for longer so you should wash your hand which is recommended.
  • It has medium and large size that comes with the right fitting.
  • This Shapewear buttock enhancer is 3 in 1. It can be used as a waist trainer, butt lifter, and thigh slimmer which is pretty cool.
  • The company believe in the naturality that's why it has a circle opening on the back feature that gives your booty a natural shape

5) FOCUSSEXY Women's Butt Lifter

FOCUSSEXY Women's Butt Lifter

Now we have the FOCUSSEXY women's butt lifter. This is another great butt enhancer that has amazing reviews and ratings. It comes with various feature that makes this product in our top 10 butt Enhancer list 


  • It helps to define the lower abdominal and moulds the hips.
  • you can wear it inside of my clothing like jeans, a party dress etc.
  • It is another of the great shapewear that gives your butt a nice shape and also makes you comfortable.

6) Gotoly Invisible Body Shapewear 

Gotoly Invisible Body Shapewear

Again we have the Gotoly brand. As I have said earlier that this is one of the best brand and heights demanding brand in the shapewear industry.

This Gotoly Invisible but enhancer has a more advanced feature that will enhance your butt faster.


  • It comes with 90% cotton and 10% polyester fibres that give you so much comfortable after wearing it.
  • If you want to maintain the shape & elasticity of this but enhancer so you need to wash your hand.
  • The fibre is fully breathable and you are going to feel uncomfortable.
  • There are many ladies things that the butt enhancer harms their body but nothing is like that. It will not harm your body. Even it will make your body more attractive.
  • Overall the shapewear is amazing and Embroidery lace makes it sexier and nobler.

7) Butt Lifter Hip Enhancer 

Butt Lifter Hip Enhancer

This Butt Lifter comes with pads that push your hip and enhance them which is quite good. If you feel shame to wear the opening butt enhancer then this is best for you. You can wear it easily. 


  • The design is great and this sexy design makes your hips sexy by enhancing the buttock area. 
  • This seamless butt lifter lifts your butt under the clothes or any dress.
  • This shapewear is made from 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex gives you full comfort and makes you happy.
  • If you want to go to any party and wedding anniversary you can wear it under your dress. The invisible designe will make it invisible under your dress.

8) Everbellus Women's Padded Butt Enhancer

Everbellus Women's Padded Butt Enhancer

The Everbullus is the most demanding brand that always makes quality shapewear and this Everbellus butt enhancer is another great enhancer that will give your hips the right size as you ever wanted. 


  • It comes with 85% Nylon and 15% spandex to make you feel comfortable after wearing it.
  • You can choose the size according to you which is pretty nice.
  • This invisible shapewear buttock enhancer gives your hips a great shape.
  • Now you can make your hips bigger and sexier through this butt enhancer.

9) Women Butt Pads Enhancer

Women Butt Pads Enhancer

This shapewear looks smaller but It is sufficient to make your hips larger and sexier.

It also has great features that's why this is our 9th recommendation from our top 10 butt enhancer list.


  • It is very easy to wear and you can wear it under your small shorts and dress as well.
  • the 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex make this butt enhancer fully breathable and comfortable.
  • This is small but works amazing. If you are a teen so you can go with it because most teen girls like to wear small shorts. 

10) Sliot Women Butt Enhancer

Sliot Women Butt Enhancer

This is our last but very amazing product. It is a Slot butt enhancer that has amazing specifications which will help to enhance your hips and give them a beautiful look.

  • There is stretchy boy shorts that instantly give you a boost with reading circular cut-outs that lift and mould your booty.
  • A stretchy front offers you tummy control which is quite good. 
  • It is an invisible butt enhancer so no one will notice that you have worn the butt enhancer.
  • The brand has focused on the design and made it comfortable and breathable as well which is pretty cool.
  • You can wear it under any dress and can go on any occasion without any fear.

Closing Lines:-

I hope you like this article on the best butt enhancer where I have shared the top 10 Shapewear buttock Enhancer from my list.

I have tried to provide the full details. When I was compiling the list of these shapewear buttock enhancers so I have checked 100+ butt enhancers and found these best trustable brand butt enhancers.

I think now you have chosen your shapewear buttock enhancer but if you are still confused and raising more questions in your mind so feel free to ask in a comment. I will try to respond as soon as possible.

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